62a CENTOMIGLIA DEL GARDA-MultiCENTOMIGLIA GIORGIO ZUCCOLI TROPHY In 2012, the M2 catamarans of Lake Geneva will be amongst the most dynamic high-tech multihulls in the world with thanks going to Class partners Safram and TeamWork. The circuit will be modernised and will expand to both France and Italy. The M2 catamaran season championship – the Safram – TeamWork M2 Speed Tour – will benefit from an ambitious and dynamic concept in 2012. New destinations – France and Italy – new courses, new teams: the class evolves and modernises itself, echoing the latest trends and thus remaining at the cutting edge. With twenty-eight high tech one-design catamarans already built, and sixteen confirmed for next year’s championship, the M2 Speed Tour will be one of the world’s top high tech multihulls circuits in 2012. ‘Our goal is to carry on organizing a competitive championship whilst remaining attractive and innovative for the owners,’ said Rodolphe Gautier, President of the M2 class. ‘That’s why we will compete in events in Hyeres and participate in the prestigious 100 miles of Lake Garda. At the same time, we will still compete in Lake Geneva’s classic regattas: the Bol d’Or Mirabaud and Geneva-Rolle-Geneva.’ Faithful to its pioneering spirit, the M2 class will adopt new racing formats seen this year in the America’s Cup circuit, including short (30 minutes) races, reaching starts and rounding marks located near the shore to maximise the show. A two legs long distance course at sea, with the catamarans pulled up a sandy beach at lunch break, is also planned in Hyères. The Safram – TeamWork M2 Speed Tour 2012 will include seven regattas: the Grand Prix of the Mediterranean, the Raid de Porquerolles, Geneva-Rolle-Geneva, the Bol d’Or Mirabaud, the Grand Prix Genolier, the Italian Grand Prix and Centomiglia, MultiCentomiglia-Giorgio Zuccoli Trophy (6-9 september).