1st October, 2004 – The 32nd America’s Cup will be shown in its entirety on Spanish television under a landmark agreement between the event organisers and TVE, the national broadcaster in Spain. This arrangement will begin with the programming for the Valencia Louis Vuitton Acts 2 and 3, which start on the 5th of October. “This is a big breakthrough for the America’s Cup,” said Michel Bonnefous, the CEO of the event organiser. “We’re very excited to see the leading broadcaster in Spain make such a strong commitment to the event. This is the first time the America’s Cup is being sailed in a European time zone and it is the first time that the America’s Cup has ever had this kind of broadcast guarantee this far ahead of the Match. In short it’s a wonderful opportunity for the people of the host country to fully engage with the event.” The agreement ensures each of the program mes produced by the event will be shown on TVE 1 or TVE 2. This amounts to well over 300 hours of programming over the next three years. TVE will also contribute services and equipment to the programming. The new format of the America’s Cup, which sees a series of opening Acts sailed in the years leading up to the main event in 2007, means the Cup follows a more predictable, consistent schedule, with racing every few months and thus is more accessible spectators in Spain, Europe, and worldwide. “This television contract raises the America’s Cup up another level among sports events. While this is great news for the America’s Cup and for Spain, it is only the first step,” continued Michel Bonnefous. “We will continue to work over the coming days and weeks to realise an exciting and dynamic America’s Cup and to make it more easily accessible to people around the world.” The programming on TVE in Spain begins on Friday, 8th October at 20:30 with a resume of highlights from the first three days of Act 2 of the 32nd America’s Cup.